Christmas Tree

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for!! And I apologize for the slow posting week. Although we didn’t go out of town or host Thanksgiving, both boys kept me abnormally busy this week. It’s been nice to spend time with Pickle while he was out of school, […]

Giveaway Winner and Gratitude Journals

Thank you, everyone, for entering the CSN Giveaway! I’m thrilled to announce that…..Wendy (comment # 3) is the WINNER! Congratulations!! Wendy, please contact me @ for your gift card. Everyone else: this will not be the last giveaway, I promise! So can you believe Thanksgiving is HERE?! Where has this year gone? I keep […]

Flower Power!

So the other day I was in the mall doing a little girl shoppin’ with my friend, Jules. We stopped in a popular clothing store, and I found the most beautiful fabric flower pin. I’m sure I squealed just a bit as I ran up to the register. Then I found out it was a […]

Cowboy Bedroom and New Dresser

My cute J has a cowboy themed bedroom. It began with a beautiful quilt my mother-in-law sewed for him when he was born. She is a crazy cool quilter, and her creations are amazing. She chose the cowboy theme because both of my boys were born in Texas. J’s quilt has cute features that MIL free […]


I am so excited to announce my first giveaway! Yay! And it’s a great one!! How would you like to win a $35 gift card to CSN You totally can! And with that gift card, you can get started on holiday preparations, buy gifts for friends and family (or yourself – I won’t tell!), or […]

Free Stylin’ Your Bed

I think my love of decorating started when I was in elementary school. My two sisters and I shared a bedroom, and we would rearrange it ALL.THE.TIME. When I was that age, I had about 12 pennies and 3 dimes and TWO!! whole quarters. So money wasn’t necessarily a word that I took into consideration […]

Decorating with Jewelry

I really love me some Nate Berkus. That guy is cute, smart, funny, and a ridiculously cool decorator. I’m THRILLED that he has his own television show now, and I get so many great ideas and tips from him and his guests. Like the other day he and a guest showed everyone how to decorate using pretty […]

Room Numbers

Or Rubbings Part 3    Ever stayed at a bed and breakfast? I love them. I love the homey-ness (??) and squishy bedding and thoughtful details and ahhh relaxation. Oh, and the breakfasts. For sure the breakfasts. MMmmm. So how do I make my home a little more like a B&B? (Without inviting strangers in […]

I’m Blogging Through a Candy-Induced Coma…

Hope you all had a fun and spooky Halloween! My cute little muffins had a crazy candy-filled weekend of tricking and treating. Sorry the picture’s a little fuzzy. Taking it was like herding cats. Pickle LOVES Mario Brothers, and he wanted to be Luigi because he’s tall. So we decided J could be little Mario. CUTE! I don’t […]

Laundry Room Makeover

  Does anyone else have an awesome ugly laundry room like me? This room is seriously a catch-all in our house.   Bug spray? Check. Empty buckets? Check. Paint? Check.   Why was I in here again? Oh yeah – to wash clothes. That, too.   Our laundry room is boring and dull and has […]

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