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  Hey y’all! Hope you are having a great week! Thanks so much to those that entered the One Less Thing Stocking Giveaway!! So, are you ready for the winner?   Congratulations, Reeta (comment #8)!!   You get 4 SUPER cute stockings!! Yay! Angela with One Less Thing will be contacting you.   So now […]

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Giveaway: Christmas Stockings from One Less Thing


  Hey there!! Happy Friday! I’m excited to kick off the start of a great weekend with an awesome GIVEAWAY from One Less Thing!!! Angela with One Less Thing is a personal assistant who can help tackle your to-do list. She does it ALL: from event planning, organizing, shopping, and decorating, she takes care of it for […]

Guest Post: Susi with Arcadian Lighting

  Hi, I’m Susi, a blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful source for inspiration for light fixtures and decorating the home. I’m a big fan of the cheap and free schools of decorating, so I’m thrilled to be guest blogging at Free Stylin’ today. My post is all about creating the look of a stylish […]

Free Thanksgiving Decor


BHG So Thanksgiving is this week!!, and I’m kinda freaking out a bit because I am hosting for the whole fam damily!! I’m super excited for it, don’t get me wrong. Given last year’s Thanksgiving, I am thrilled to be with my loved ones again. And they’re happy that we’re nearby, too, (among other things, […]

Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas   What?! A post?!! Is this FOR REALS?   Yes, this is a real post. This blog is not abandoned. Sometimes my life gets in the way of my blogging, so thank you for being so patient with me. When I began Free Stylin’, I was in a very different place in my life […]

An Interview With The

  Hey Everyone!   I’m thrilled to invite you over to The today!     Check out a recent interview I had with Heather about my tips and tricks to save money when doing DIY projects.     You’ll also love The because of the entertaining ideas, recipes, and stories she shares to help make […]

Kitchen Inspiration

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Sometimes, when you have a DIY and home-decor-on-a-budget blog, there is a frustrating line between what you have been blessed with and what you wish it looked like.   The interior design freak in me looks at everything and sees something else. I have this bad habit of tweaking my spaces in my head to […]

Musical Chairs


So remember how 47 years a little bit ago I found some new chair cushions but needed your help picking out the print? (Click HERE to refresh your memory. I know. It’s been awhile.)   I’d loved these green ones long enough – the time had come to retire them.   On a trip to the […]

What if…


Instead of buying this lamp for $89.95:     Crate & Barrel     You bought this Ikea lamp for $19.99:       Then a quick stop to Home Depot for a little of this…. Liquid Electrical Tape     in just about any color….     The result?     Your own “custom,” […]

Favorite Things of Summer

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  First, I’d like to thank all of you for the sweet and comforting comments, e-mails, texts, and phone calls that came with my previous post. Each and every word you lovingly said to me lifted my spirits. I am so grateful. I’m happy to report things are going fairly well, which is such a […]

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