Updates in the Office


Remember the office makeover I started quite some time ago? It all began with this inspiration picture from Pottery Barn:   Pottery Barn   The last time I showed you our office, it looked like this:   New horizontal striped curtains my MIL and I made (see the tutorial HERE), a FREE desk chair (details […]

Pinterest is Like Crack

K, so if you haven’t heard of Pinterest by now, you must be living under a rock. (No offense.) It is seriously one of my favorite places to hang out and get ideas and dream and feel completely productive even though I just wasted a good hour or two with absolutely nothing to show for […]

A Map Wall for the Boys


K, so many years ago (BK…Before Kids) I came across a picture in a magazine that had map wallpaper in a boy’s room. I yanked the picture out and kept it close to my heart (or just in a file, really). A few years went by…I now had a new cutie-pie sweet-cheeks baby boy, and […]

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Quick Tip: A White Board in the Shower


For some reason, the second I step into the shower, and stare at this, ALL of the things I need to remember immediately begin to bombard my brain:  Inspiring, I know… It’s like it knows I can’t go anywhere or write stuff down or hop out to find a piece of paper. So the list […]

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Quick Tip: Spaghetti with a Secret


  K, so a couple of years ago I was watching The Oprah Show, and they had this awesome recipe for fettuccini alfredo that is both healthy and heart friendly. The secret? White beans. They made the sauce thick and creamy while knocking out a bunch of calories and fat grams.   Nice.   Sometimes […]

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25 Random Things

2012-03-08 17.13.53

K, so Shaunna from the awesome blog Perfectly Imperfect started this 25 Random Things thing where she lists…wait for it…random things. And I’m a pretty random person. (Just try to have a phone conversation with me.) This girl’s random way of thinking was right up my alley. I thought I’d try it here on Free […]



I no longer use Google Friend Connect… Please subscribe to Free Stylin’ through RSS, e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter! *********************************************************************************************************************** K, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything I usually talk about, but I recently did something I’ve wanted to FOR YEARS and wanted to blab all about it on my blog. (And […]

Purse Decrapification


  I no longer use Google Friend Connect… Please subscribe to Free Stylin’ through RSS, e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter! ***********************************************************************************************************************   So the other day I was sitting in McDoglips, watching my kids play on the playscape, sippin’ a Diet Dr. Pepper. I needed something out of my purse, and, for the life of me, […]

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