Updates in the Office

Remember the office makeover I started quite some time ago? It all began with this inspiration picture from Pottery Barn:

 Coral Panels

Pottery Barn


The last time I showed you our office, it looked like this:


New horizontal striped curtains my MIL and I made (see the tutorial HERE), a FREE desk chair (details HERE), and…that’s about it. You’re just staring at a bunch of wishes and dreams, really. I wasn’t too sure where to go next with the makeover, until it hit me:


I still have some FREE paint.


Yep, my FREE curb-side rescued paint that I had re-tinted to blue would be the perfect color in here. It looked pretty good on our TV Dresser…why not in the office, too?


I really thought it would be a great idea to use up the rest of this free gallon of paint on the walls. I completely believed, with all my heart, that if I was really really careful, I could make the 3/4 gallon last on all four walls.


Yeah. Feel free to call me delusional.

Funny Friendship Ecard: A friend told me I was delusional. I almost fell off of my unicorn.



We made it through about one wall or so before we ran out of paint. :/ Because the paint I “rescued” from the curb was some of the cheapest paint you can rescue (or buy, if that’s how you roll). (Hmm. Was that why they were throwing it out? Probably. Next time I’ll be sure to snatch up good-quality paint from the trash instead.) :)


Anyway, it took about two or three more gallons and 4 (YES, 4!!) freakin’ coats of paint to get the whole room done. Because I thought it would be less expensive to drive to Home Depot a million times and get super cheap paint each time than buy 2 gallons good quality paint once and call it good.


That’s a Free Stylin’ tip for ya:


Sometimes don’t be so freakin’ cheap (I’m really talking to myself here.)

It is better to pay a little extra up front for something that is better quality one time than paying a little bit for a poorer quality item multiple times.


I love learning life lessons the hard way. :)


So, here’s some paint action shots…


Once the paint was on the walls, things just sat for a little while because of the holidays and stuff. Eventually I got the Office bug again and decided it was time to finish this makeover for reals.


Furniture was next on my list. After looking around at what we had compared to what we needed, I finally pulled the trigger on the armoire. We didn’t really need it, I wanted $$ for a new desk, so I sold it on Craigslist.

See ya friend!


There is so much more space in the room now! Which is good, because I decided instead of buying a new desk, I’d build one. And it’s a bit bigger than the one we had before.

 I’ll share how I built this budget-friendly desk next week. 


I’m thinking some task lighting, in the form of lamps like my inspiration picture, need to flank the desk. Add that to the list.

 Coral Panels


I also started on a gallery wall on one large wall. And when I say started, I mean I FINALLY framed a picture we’ve been meaning to frame for about 4 years. The Hubs took it on a trip we took to Cozumel, and we had it enlarged to poster size through Shutterfly. A white Ikea frame is exactly what it needed to become the center of attention. The gallery wall will build off of this starting point.


So this is how our office looks right now. Progress! Progress feels good.


Wanna little before and after? Well, before and during pics? Let’s take a look back:


Right after we moved in…



After a little unpacking and straightening…




It’s getting there! The Hubs is enjoying more space at the desk, and sometimes we work up there together. I still have a million ideas I need to edit out. And a little $$ saving to do for some of the things I want, like a daybed or couch for guests, and a rug. But it’ll all come with time. Thanks for taking the journey with me! I’m looking forward to the next steps.


Come back next week to see how I built the desk…using some rope, a glue gun, and some unusual materials from Ikea. :)



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  1. Me likey. And as for not spending up front and paying in the end. I do that sometimes, too. Great progress, can’t wait to see the final.

  2. It is looking pretty good so far… can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  3. Love that color – very Tiffany blue!!

    Can’t believe you got that paint for free – and that bike basket is fabulous – it will look great on your desk!

    Love the idea of a gallery wall – your first picture is perfect. It will make you smile every time you look at it.

  4. I absolutely love the wall color!! It was totally worth all the coats and time because it looks amazing. So much so that I bought [good quality] paint today to do my spare bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration =]


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