No Sew Beaded Tutu Bedskirt


UPDATE!!! Please check out the FAQ section at the end of the post!



First, I’d like to say THANK YOU!!! all so much for voting in the One Crafty Contest!! I am excited to say that I have advanced on to Round Two, and it is only because of YOUR votes. Thank you thank you thank you!



There were so many cool projects…everyone worked so hard! If you’d like to see tutorials for any of the projects, they are linked to their pictures HERE. Today I wanted to share my submission with you so you can make one, too!!


I created a No Sew Beaded Tutu Bedskirt for my cutie pie sweet cheeks niece, Gracie.

Last year her bedroom got a little Free Stylin’ treatment. Using only items her family already owned, we were able to create a precious room that she loves. (Check out her room HERE.)
A couple of years ago BP (before Pinterest), I came across a picture of a tulle bed skirt, and the fabric reminded me of a tutu. Because I don’t have a daughter, I knew I wanted to create one for Gracie. She loves to dance, and pink is one of her favorite colors, so the bed skirt would be perfect for her room.


This project began with 20 yards of bubble gum pink tulle. The fabric was cut into 5-6 inch strips.

Now, if you read Free Stylin’ at all you know that my sewing machine and I have a relationship like The Notebook’s Allie and Noah. We fight all the time and make up long enough to get one thing accomplished. (Except, in Allie and Noah’s case it’s kissing, and no, I don’t kiss my machine. I’d rather punch it in the face.) Sooo, it was pretty clear that sewing wouldn’t be involved.


I placed a white fitted sheet we already owned on the box spring of the bed. Then I marked two slits (two finger’s width apart or about an inch and a half apart), one above the other, on the sheet.  (**I literally placed two fingers (middle finger and pointer finger) side by side on the sheet and drew a dash next to it. Next to the dash, I placed the fingers my fingers down again and then drew another dash. The fingers were for the spacing. I eyeballed the dash to be about as long as the empty space my fingers made.)


The slits were then cut, and the tulle strips were slipped through the holes and tied in a lark’s head knot. I tied two strips of fabric per slit to make the bed skirt more full. (**Some people have asked if I worked with the sheet on the box spring…YES, I did. It was SO much easier that way.)


To ensure that maximum girly-ness was infused into the bed skirt (cuz pink ballerina tulle isn’t enough?), all of my boys were sent on a camping trip, and I made sure to watch BBC’s 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice while I worked. :)


For extra sparkle, and to incorporate Round One’s material, beads, vintage beads from costume jewelry belonging to my great-grandmothers were hot glued to the bed skirt. I used pink, pearl, and silver beads.


And the completed skirt:

(See those satin lined pillow cases? You can learn how to make them from your lingerie HERE.)



So sweet, huh? I am so excited that Round One featured beads because this is a project I’ve wanted to make for Gracie for awhile. I’m itching to give it to her and to see it in her room.


Round Two begins tomorrow, and we’ll know late tonight what our new “ingredient” is. Kinda makes me feel like Iron Chef. :) Thanks for going on this fun ride with me!




THANK YOU so much for your interest in the bedskirt! I am thrilled with how many people love it. I’ve received so many cute pictures of the skirts y’all are creating. Keep sending them in! (Maybe I’ll do a post showing off YOUR bedskirts!)


Lots of you have had questions, so here are some FAQs about the bedskirt to get you started!


1. Where did you buy your tulle?

Hobby Lobby (but you can find it at fabric stores)


2. Did you use tulle from a bolt or roll?

I used tulle from a bolt.


3. How wide is the tulle?

K, first a disclaimer: I HATE to sew. HATE it. One of the reasons is because things seem to have to be exact, and I am not a perfectionist when it comes to things like this. It drives me crazy because I know I won’t be able to have things totally perfect. (Wait, so does that actually make me a perfectionist? Hm. Maybe.) SO, with that said, I did NOT measure out the tulle. I cut my strips eyeballing the width, and I used notches on my friend’s dining room table!! (Each strip was 4 notches long. See? Not helpful, I know.) Nothing is exact – just approximate. I’m pretty sure that will drive those who actually sew crazy – those are terrible measurements! – but it’s really how I made this because I can’t sew!


BUT, I did measure a few of the strips for you. Most strips are about  7 – 7 1/2 inches wide. Hope this helps. And I’m sorry I am NOT exact!


4. How long are the tulle strips?

I folded the material in half, but now that I measure, the strips are about 32 inches long. So, math wise it doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?  The strips were too long not to cut, but too short if I cut them in thirds. Cutting them in half seemed to give me the most material without wasting any.


5. How do you wash this bedskirt?

Put the bedskirt in the bathtub with some mild detergent and water. Let it soak for a little while and scrub only the parts that may need spot treatment. Rinse and hang dry.


6. Did you put the tulle strips completely around the bed, or just one side and the foot?

That is entirely up to you. You can put the tulle strips on all three sides of your bed. But, if your bed is along one wall, just do the foot of the bed and the side that is showing if you want.


7. I’m trying to figure out how to make this work with my daughter’s new furniture. She got new bedding for Christmas and she just got a new trundle bed, so no boxspring. The bedskirt doesn’t lay well at the corners or foot of the bed, so this would be great! I was thinking maybe doing the fitted sheet upside down on the mattress, what do you guys think?

Great idea!


8. My girls have a bunk bed, so no box springs to use this with.

So, you could use a flat sheet in this instance. Lay the sheet across the bed (while the mattress is removed). Cut off any excess sheet. Adhere the sheet to the inside of the actual bed (staple gun or Velcro strips). Your slits will begin a few inches in from the bed, and the tulle strips will then hang down below the sheet.


9. I want to make one for my baby’s crib. What can I do?

My suggestion is to get a fitted crib sheet and put it over the board your crib mattress goes on, and then place the mattress over it.  You may want to make the strips of tulle longer so they’ll reach the ground. And skipping the bead step is probably best with a sweet baby.


10. I want to make one, and I am a grown adult! What do you think?

Go for it!! If you love it, then I say DO IT! :)


11. Did you really just use 20 yards?

YES! At first I tried tying more strips to each slit to make the skirt more full, but I only had the 20 yards, so I made sure to space things out.


12. How much tulle would I need to buy to make a queen sized skirt? 

I don’t know exactly, but I would begin with 40 to 45 yards to be safe.


13. How do you keep the ends of the tulle from fraying?

So far we haven’t had that problem, but you could use Fray Check if you needed to.


I will continue to update the FAQs as they come in. If you don’t see the answer to your question, leave a comment or e-mail and I WILL answer you! :)



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  1. Jenny Sawyer says:

    That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  2. Congrats–your project really is awesome–and so do-able! I love it :) Can’t wait to see what our next ingredient is too!

  3. You really are amazing! I can’t believe you can just create all these wonderful things…and last minute. You ROCK!!! oxoxo

  4. Christy says:

    Thank You for sharing this, I am going to make this with my 11 year old daughter. Her room is red white and blue so we are going to look for Tule in those colors. I was excited to find this because I only need the skirt for the end of her bed because along the sides she has drawers, I do not use a bed skirt because of the drawers but now I can hide the foot part of the boxspring.

  5. Excellent idea! I love how this looks, and even more I love how simple it is to put together. Good luck in your competition!

  6. *whew* I DID end up voting for you! :) And it was even my favorite poject, which I didn’t think was yours because you have boys ha ha. Nice!

  7. So so cute!!! I can’t wait to see it!

  8. I think my jaw is on the floor! That is awesome. Seriously smart stuff with the sheet. We looked high and low for a bedskirt for my daughters bed and ended up with a cheapy one from Walmart… this one is SOOO much better. Thanks for linking with Sugar & Spice.

  9. Oh my gosh that is ADORABLE! What a neat idea – and love the no sew! My machine is down, so I am on the no sew plan for the near term. Anyhoo, another rock’n idea from Free Stylin’ Beth! Woot!

  10. wow!! How cute is this!!!
    you did a fantastic job!!!

    Natasha @

  11. Wow! That is great that you made it to the next round. The tulle bed skirt is absolutely adorable! I LOVE that it is no-sew and the way you attached it to a fitted sheet so it wouldn’t slide around. Such a great idea!

  12. Okay, that is stinkin’ adorable and makes me wish that my daughter was more of a girly-girl! Not gonna lie though, I didn’t think this was yours because the tulle cost $20 and you’re cheap…. I mean, frugal like me. *shrug* (In hindsight I should have know from the description that it was you talking about Grace. ;o)

  13. No way! That is brilliant I tell you! Brilliant!

  14. Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful! I have never seen a better bed skirt!

    I would LOVE for you to stop over and link this up in our Saturday-Thursday Crafty Showcase. On Friday our designers pick their favorites and then feature them.

    Thank you! I’m off to look around on your blog some more!


  15. Love this! We have our Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party going on now and would love for you to share this!

  16. WOW!!! LOVE it! What a GREAT idea!!!

  17. I am IN LOVE with this!!!! My little girl is transitioning to a big girl bed really soon and I think that this is going to be the crowning jewel of her bedroom! And attaching it to the fitted sheet is a great idea so it doesn’t get moved around when you change the bedding!

  18. So Crafty… love this!

  19. What a cute idea and very inexpensive! We appreciate you linking up with us!! It’s so fun to see all of the great ideas and recipes! We hope to see you back again soon! -The Sisters

  20. Fabulous idea….love how you did it. You are so so clever. I’ll have to show this to my daughter and see if little granddaughter would like one when in a bed. tfs.

  21. That is so stinkin clever..i have wanted to make one of these for my daughter..i love theres no sewing involved!! Brilliant!!

  22. sorry for probably a simple question i just like to know all the details:) Question- you use a fitted sheet for the bed skirt would you use that as your fitted sheet or put another fitted sheet over that? Thanks

  23. Just wondering what the length of the tulle was. I know you said 5 or 6″ but how long. I think normal tulle is 54″? Thanks!

  24. I LOVE this!!! Such a wonderful idea, I love how it turned out and I bet Gracie thought it was awesome! Thanks for sharing the how-to, I’ll be saving this idea for my nieces.

  25. Oh, so cute and creative. I want to make one with my girls for a summer project!

  26. I have to say little girls LOVE this! I made one for my daughter last summer, and its such a perfect addition to her bed. =) I did add a stitch along the whole thing though because little brother kept pulling the tulle out. lol. its held up wonderfully!

  27. Got ya pinned girlfriend! I’m so impressed my your clever method. I’m good at sewing and I actually think this is the best way to do this. Just so much easier and less fuss! Thank you for sharing, my girly girls are gonna LOVE it ;)

  28. Too friggin cute!!! Perfect for my 4 yr old Princess (who just so happens to LUBBBBBBBBB tutu’s) Since theres no sewing involved and because I dont have a machine… this is right up my alley!

    Thanks for sharing… I’ll be revisiting your site soon for more ideas!

  29. This is so cute – my daughter would love it! :)

  30. This would be very easy using the 6″ spools of tulle sold at Hobby Lobby! A normal bed skirt “drops” about 14″-15″. So, I would cut the strips 30″ (X 6″ pre-cut spools). Super simple!

    • Thank you so much for mentioning the use of pre-cut spools of tulle and how long to cut them. We recently bought a new box spring and mattress for our twin daughters. I have been contemplating buying a bedskirt since they are using their older sister’s old comforter (twin/full size) on their full size bed so the box spring is showing.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL No-sew bedskirt! My girls are going to be thrilled when they have their very own! I will most likely use pink AND purple on our twins’ bed (their two favorite colors and the colors I’ve used for them since birth since they are identical -although I’ve been able to tell them apart since birth). Wishing you all the best of luck for round two!!! :)

  31. OMG YOU ROCK!!!!!!! I was looking for a bed skirt for my 2 teen girls. Thank you they will love this!!!!!! Tammy

  32. Kayla Turner says:

    wouldn’t you have to take them all out just to wash the fitted sheet though?
    nonetheless a great idea however!

  33. Did you use a spool of tule or a bolt of tule???

  34. Meagan Whitehead says:

    I saw this on pintrest! People like you are the reason I signed up for pintrest! Such a brilliant idea, and I don’t know how to sew, so this is ideal. Ohhh my gosh. I don’t even have words. Thank you!

  35. Kristine says:

    You are not using the fitted sheet that you use on your mattress… you are getting another plain fitted sheet and putting it on your BOXSPRING, then putting the matress back on top. You don’t have to wash it cuz you’re not sleeping on it.

  36. I’m a little confused….how wide is each strip? And how far apart did you make the slits? Thanks.

  37. Did you put the tulle strips completely around the bed, or just one side and the foot? The bed I want this for is always against a wall. so I really need just the foot and side. As I have an hour drive to get somewhere to buy the fabric, I must purchase the correct amount when I go shopping!

  38. LOVE.
    I’ve got to make this for my daughter! Did you use the bolt or spool of tulle?

  39. Is the fitted sheet on the mattress or the box spring? My daughter would LOVE this!!!

  40. I so, so, so love this. Saw it on Pinterest and will be making this for my daughter’s new bedroom!!!! Thank you!

  41. I am also confused about how to cut the tulle. Could you explain that part a little more? I bought two bolts (I think that’s what they’re called) of tulle to make a bedskirt but can’t sew. This is perfect.

  42. I’m trying to figure out how to make this work with my daughter’s new furniture. She got new bedding for Christmas and she just got a new trundle bed, so no boxspring. The bedskirt doesn’t lay well at the corners or foot of the bed, so this would be great! I was thinking maybe doing the fitted sheet upside down on the mattress, what do you guys think?

  43. I love this!! Your bed skirt is gorgeous. I made tutus for my girls and they turned out great…I think I have to tackle this project for when they leave their cribs. I wanted to feature this post as one of my Pinterest favorites on my blog if that’s okay with you. It would be up on Monday, July 2nd. Thanks!

  44. Hey I have the same issue. The fitted sheet upside down is a good idea :) I was also thinking maybe just cut or hem a flat sheet to the right dimensions (the bed frame size itself) then just tie the tulle to that.

  45. michele mikszta says:

    OMG …. genious! LOVE IT

  46. LOVE this! My girls have a bunkbed, so no box springs to use this with. Hmmm, gotta figure out a way to use it just under a mattress.

  47. I absolutely love this idea! I am going to have to try this for my daughters room!

  48. Maybe try using elastic and making it like a giant tutu instead of the sheet idea? Just a thought!

  49. I live how easy this is! I hate sewing too! It’s so girly but still trendy! I love it. Great job! And goo luck!

  50. Jessica says:

    This is great! Ive been wanting to do something similar for my daughter. I was going to use material and do layers but this is much more girlie.
    Question: dis you put the fitted sheet on bix spring or mattress? If box spring then cuts r at the top? If mattress then cuts are at the bottom of aheet?

  51. Awesome idea!! I am going to make this for my daughter! I love it!

  52. Super cute this is a great idea thank you for sharing now I know Im not buying my daughter a bedskirt this is what I will do!

  53. I just found this on pinterest and OMG Its gorgeous!! Thanks for the tutorial. I had made one of my daughters a side table with the white skirt on it, and this will match it perfectly!

  54. Lisa Walker says:

    Where did you find your bubble gum fabric b/c I am having a hard time finding tulle in a bright pink color. A lot of fabric stores in my town don’t stock tulle and it is hard for me to find online. Any help would be great!

  55. Christin says:

    So cute! My daughter wants a ballerina/ballet themed room so I may steal your idea! :) great work and so sweet!

  56. It looks like she put the fitted sheet with the tulle over the boxspring and then used another fitted sheet (without tulle) for the mattress. :)

  57. Johneeta says:

    Love it can’t wait to make one for my granddaughter.

  58. Jessica says:

    Do you think this skirt would be possible for a crib if I just adjusted the measurements?

  59. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am going to attempt to make this!!! My daughter saw the pic and hasn’t stopped begging me for this! I too have a love/hate relationship with a sewing machine! Thank you again!!!!

  60. I keep seeing the question about the fitted sheet, you put the fitted sheet over the box spring, you would use a regular fitted sheet for the mattress. I also agree that the strips would need to be about 30 inches long. I made rag wreaths with 6 inch strips. I was going to do this using elastic, but the fitted sheet is genus!

  61. Love this!! I made a tulle valance for my daughter’s room and will SOOOO be doing this when she gets a twin bed!! She LOVES tutus so all this tulle ideas I am finding fits her personality so well! Thanks so much for posting this!!

  62. Genius!!! I LOVE this and really want to do for my granddaughter who is 2…..she loves to wear tutus….and dress as a princess :)

  63. Christina Wagner says:

    I love this idea and I was looking at something very similar and they wanted $200.00 for it and to make it for $20.00 I can’t wait to do it.

  64. I went and bought the tulle, but when i was laying it all out i realized i didnt know the length…. 5-6 inches wide but how long?

  65. LOVE this…but for ME!!! my bedroom is tones of grays, silvers and blues…going to make one in silver/gray tulle on top of an organza one I already have…LOVE!

  66. I love it !!!
    Thank You for share my girl room is going to look awsome with you beautiful project .

  67. What a pretty bed skirt – I’m sure your niece loves it! I have this linked to my bed skirts post too today, for inspiration!

  68. Mah Vargas says:

    OMG!! I love it! I’m so gonna do this with my bed! And it’s easy!! I suck at sewing and this looks pretty easy ;)

  69. Does anyone know how wide the strips should be?

  70. Kelly Elwell says:

    wow! I just did my daughters bedroom ceiling w/Tulle in pink,purple,light pink & used a staple gun looks so pretty & my friend gave me the link to this craft absolutely love it & am going to do it as I make little girl’s tutu’s I have lots of material in lots of colors :) & I can’t sew either TY

  71. Wow! I love this! I want to make a silver or white one with sparkles or beads for our second baby girl that is due in Feb. I have been searching all day how to make a tutu crib skirt and this is by far the easiest and cutest! I don’t sew myself, although I want to learn. Cant wait to try this out on her crib! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!!!

  72. Hi! I just have a question? Did you wrap the sheet on the box spring and work while it was on that?

  73. Hey, i have a few questions how did you tie it i see you folded it in half and slid it through but how did uyou get the not?? My other question do you ahve anything for a teenage girl that wants 2 decorate it herself so its pretty easy but really cute?? She is a 13 years old so she doesnt have sewing machine but wants to decorate something that cute but not to hard to do herself!!

  74. I think that when I make this for my 3 granddaughters, I will use the tulled sheet over the box spring.

  75. SPEACHLESS!!!!!!!!! FAVORITED!!!!!

  76. Carrie Hainline says:

    I see that you have the tulle on the fitted sheet for the mattress. Can that be washed? I absolutely love this idea. Just didn’t know what to do when the time came to wash the sheets. Thank you.

  77. This is beyond cute! My little girl will absolutely love this (well… maybe I would too..!) Thanks for sharing!

  78. Where did you buy your tulle at for 99 cents??!!! Name names….please!!! So cute!

  79. Id love to see pix of your daughters ceiling that you did!

  80. Just bought tool at Joanne’s for 40% off 1.99. Not too bad and they had tons of colors! Can’t wait to get started!

  81. Absolutely love this! I have to make one for my lil princess. Your niece…Omgoodness love the lil cheeks she’s a doll!

  82. Just bought tulle at Jo-Anne’s. 3 yards for $4. thats the best deal I’ve found. Making matching rainbow tulle skirts for my granddaughters beds. I can’t wait until they see them

  83. Awesome. My daughter has a queen bed and none of the cutie stuff goes that size. Using a fitted sheet is the best thing I’ve heard all day. My dust ruffles slide when I flip mattresses, but no more….

  84. Stephanie says:

    what width of tulle did you use or did you buy it on the roll? Im totally in love with it but im super pregnant now and would like to make this as easy as i can on myself!

  85. I’m wondering the same thing. ???

  86. Okay, that reply should have been under someone else’s question regarding the fitted sheet. Do you use this under a second fitted sheet?

  87. I’m not sure how you were on able to use 20 yards. I just started this project an I’m not even half way and I’ve used 40 yards. I think it will take at least 100.

  88. I am currently redo-ing my daughters’ bedroom. She recently turned 12yrs old and wants a more mature look,her “theme” colors are purple pink and zebra. This bedskirt idea will still make her room girly but trendy at the same time. Thank you so much for the inspiration I love it!!!

  89. Victoria Arsenault says:

    from the looks of it, the fitted sheet is on the box spring and the holes are on the top of the sheet where the flat surface meets the sides.

    I would def do it on the box spring or at least mark it while its on.

    For a crib, im wondering if a fitted sheet could be placed over the board that holds the mattress? Or you could put the sheet on the mattress and make the tulle longer and then put a second sheet over the crib mattress to take off if baby messes on the sheet.

  90. Victoria Arsenault says:

    For anyone wondering, a twin size frame is roughly 220 inches around. 2 finger widths (for me is 1.25 inches). If they are place every 1.25 inches you would need 176 of the strips to go around the bed. You can get rolls of tulle on Ebay for 2.10$ a spool, they are 6 inches wide and 25 yards long. That would give you 900 inches of tulle. 176 at 30 inches long each is 5280 inches, which is 147 yards. In other words you need 150 ish yards of 6″ wide tulle to make a complete bedskirt. So 6 spools of Tulle at 2.10$ each is a little under 13$. They also sell 100 yard rolls for 7.75$ I just googled Tulle on Ebay.

    (The box spring to the floor is 15 inches, therefore as a poster previously mentioned 30 inch long strips would be required to dust the floor.)

  91. What about a queen size bed? I want to do the the sides and the foot? How much tulle do I need to buy? I will probably buy the 6″ spools.

    Anyone good at figuring that out??


  92. Oh my goodness! I love this! and so simple, I gotta make one! or more!

  93. I found this on Pinterest but I’m not too savvy on that site yet. Can you advise as to what the size of the bolt of tulle is? You note 5-6 inches in width but what was the length? I’m trying to create this bed skirt for a queen sized bed. Would I double the count to about 40 yards? Or possibly 50?

  94. Maggie force says:

    I have a TULLE granddaughter, who loves her skirt. Thank you so much. Keep inspiring me. Magpie

  95. What a cute idea. My daughter and I are going to make this while she is on her winter break. Thanks so much for the step by step instructions!

  96. I LOVE this! I have the same kind of relationship with my sewing machine that u describe with yours sivthis will be a perfect project for me. One question….how do u keep tje ends of the tulle from fraying? Thanks so much for sharing!

  97. Fitted sheet over the box spring and then make the bed as you normally would.

  98. I’ll be making these for my grand daughter’s beds. They’re twins, and pink and purple are their “colors”. Fabulous!

  99. Kate warner says:

    This is such a neat idea! We are decorating my 3yo’s room and I am for sure doing this with pink, white, and green tulle!

  100. kayla korey says:

    How much would you charge to make me one in a rasberry pink color for a crib. I can send you dimensions if you agree. Love, love it but am no good at this kinda thing. She isn’t do until late febuary so no rush but I would of course pay shipping (I live in Oklahoma) but it is so cute with the beads in it. Please get back to me when you have time @

  101. I came across your post on pinterest and I love how your tutu bedskirt turned out! You totally motivated me to make my own tulle bedskirt for my daughter! I did mine a little different, but I don’t think I would have thought I could do it myself without your post. So thank you!

    Here’s mine…

  102. I would love to do this for my 1 yr olds crib/ toddler bed, any suggestions??

  103. LOVED this idea. It will be perfect for my Grandaughter’s room at my house!

  104. I am moving my daughter into a bigger room and redoing her room and she has a dark bronze iron day bed and I think this would adorable with her new room. In her old room I could put stuff under bed but this bedroom is off from the living room and have double doors that open wide. So this would be the way I will be going so I can store stuff under her bed without making the room look cluttered. Thank you for the tip.

  105. OMG!! I think my Great Niece needs this for her crib. And you could use it for the curtains. Just tie it around the curtain rod. You could probably use spray hair spray to strengthen the tulle in case it were to get snagged. ?? Can’t wait to get started!!

  106. Clarabelle says:

    I am considering making this for me and my sister!

  107. Christina says:

    How many yards do you think I will need to make a crib skirt? I would like it to be more on the full side like yours!

  108. So dang cute! I want to do this for my daughters, they fell in love with it. And I’m just like you, I hate to sew!! But the way you did it looks so easy and I’m anxious to get to the fabric store so I can make some too!

  109. This is amazing, and I am trying to do this right now, I am using an exacto knife to cut the slits but it is not working as well as I thought it would. What do you recommend?

  110. love it how much tulle do u suggest for a king?

  111. Since our daybed has no box spring, I am going to make the ruffle on a piece of wide elastic that goes all the way around the bed. It will actually fill in the space between another dust ruffle and the floor, because her bed is also on 5-inch risers. Thanks for the idea!

  112. Adorable!

  113. Adorable! I may have to make one for my girls! :)

  114. I love this bedskirt!!! So CUTE!!! Question? After awhile do the slits start to get bigger where you tie the tulle on?

  115. Jennifer says:

    How much tulle do I need if I’m only doing one side of a twin bed?

  116. Jennifer says:

    How much tulle do I need to do one side of a twin bed?

  117. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i came to go back the favor?

    .I am attempting to find issues to improve my website!
    I guess its ok to make use of some of your ideas!!

  118. Missey B says:

    I made one u for my daughters 3rd birthday – she has a slat bed so valances or fitted sheets obviously don’t fit on her frame.
    I just simply bought some net curtain wire and placed hooks hidden behind the frame so you couldn’t see it and then threaded the tulle over that. worked perfectly!

    Also for those wondering tulle doesn’t fray :)

  119. For everyone’s information, tulle does not fray. And another trick is if you start with your tulle and measure the width make a small slit in the tulle, you should be able to actually rip it all the way into the strips like you would do with cotton fabric. It should make it exactly the same size all the way down. That will save a lot of cutting. I’m a Seamtress and love your idea. I’ve got 4 little granddaughters that I’d love to do this for them in their chose of colors.

  120. I LOVE your bedskirt & am going to make one for my daughters new room. I was looking around to see other ones & came across someone selling one on Etsy…I than realized it was Your picture. Are you BCoutureBoutique on Etsy??? If not she is using your image. Here is the link

  121. I love this idea and think I will try it for my girls room. Do you have any ideas of something this easy I could do for my boys room? They have bunk beds! Thanks for any tips!

  122. Anony Mouse says:

    I’m 31 and I am TOTALLY doing this for myself!!!!! I have a super thick box spring, so I’m having a very hard time finding a bedskirt that will fit my bed in a color I want. this is a perfect solution! especially since I too usually want to punch my sewing machine. :D thanks for sharing!!! now all I have to do is get a fitted sheet that will fit my box spring. and I’m super stupid because I gave all of my tulle to a friend!!! >_<

  123. If I wanted to do two colors do you think I should mix two colors per slit or put two strips of the same color in each slit then change color every other slit….or every two slits?

  124. How much tulle fabric should I get for a full size bed?

  125. I’m going to use a version of this to cover the ugly valances on my new T@b trailer! Thank you for the inspiration~

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  132. I love this idea! Cant wait to do this for my granddaughters bed!

  133. I’m 29-years-old but love this so much I’m going to make it for my own bedroom! :-)

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  136. I’m so glad I came across this! I don’t/ can’t sew! so I love any no sew project! My daughter is 9, we have done her room in fuschia pink and zebra print. The only bed skirts that i’ve found for a full size bed are black or white or light pink and they are to expensive for such a plain accent. I will be making this tulle bed skirt IMMEDIATELY!! THANK YOU!!

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  158. I love the pink beaded tutu bedskirt!!! I have looked all over the web trying to find the same thing, only for the canopy of a crib. I think a tutu canopy would be so adorable. Any idea’s or suggestions?

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  165. I adore the tulle crib skirt idea! I would like to know if you have any suggestions on how to make one for a wood crib already with the canopy? I think just would be so adorable! I’ve seen it once on-line somewhere but for the life of me, cannot find it again
    Thanks! Katy

  166. I just wanted to say the Gracie is gorgeous and so is the bed skirt. I am going to do this for myself. I plan on using an adult color, but I think this will make a beautiful bed skirt in an adults room too. Thank you so, so, so much for sharing this with us. You are a extremely talented person. God Bless You.


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