A Peacock Blue Chair

K, so the other day I was reading a past issue of House Beautiful (Dec/Jan 2012), and I came across this beautiful peacock blue wingback chair:

Aerin Lauder



Aerin Lauder is so freakin’ lucky.

House Beautiful


This chair is so gorgeous…I want to lick it. Seriously.


We still have ZERO furniture in our front living room. That’s right. When people walk into our home there isn’t any furniture in that room. Cuz we’re whack jobs like that. The chair (well, at least something like it,) needs to be in that room. Like yesterday.


An internet search sent me to this Antony Todd chair:


French Teal Linen Wingback Chair


Not only is the deep blue color just beautiful, I love the subtle texture, the nail head trim, and its curvy form.




I love you!



I found a few similar ones online as well.


Please move in with me!







Of course there’s no way in H-E-Double-whatever that I’m going to pay three easy payments of 14 billion dollars, plus my first born, for a chair. That just isn’t going to happen. Luckily for me there is an AWESOME! (cue the birds singing) tutorial on how to paint your own thrift store, hand-me-down, you-can-keep-your-money-and-your-child, chair.


In peacock blue.


Check out the tutorial HERE.





I am so there. I can’t wait to scour Craigslist and the GDub when I get home from our trip. :)


Also, I am beyond thrilled to say that the boys’ bedroom is being featured on Remodelaholic today!! Can you believe it?! I about freaked when I got the e-mail. PLEASE take a sec to go check it out!! Here the link:


Boys Bedroom with Maps on Walls


Thanks SO much for the feature, Cassity!!


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  1. I love the color of this chair. Perfect. I have always wanted a couch that color.

  2. We have a pair of turquoise chairs I found on Craig’s List. I had considered painting the wood trim white but after seeing all the beautiful chair photos I’m now convinced that I MUST paint them. I’m loving the blue and white contrast. Good luck with your search for your perfect chair!

  3. LOVE that color blue! Most of my house is dedicated to my love of turquoise…but that peacock blue might give it a run for its money ;) It was so fun meeting you last Tuesday, you are adorable and I am loving all the inspiration I am finding on your blog!

  4. Yep, that color just made my heart skip a few beats! I’ve seen this “painting chair technique” on a few blogs but I’ve been way to chicken to paint my fabric! It was fun chatting and sitting with you during our Blogger Dinner :) Congrats on your feature, totally awesome!


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