Pretty Pretty Pantry {Kitchen Pantry Organization}

Hi sweet friends! Are you having a great week? We’ve been busy busy around Grandma’s house. Take a look:


Every time my mother-in-law comes to my house for a visit I hand her a huge pile of sewing projects and tell her to get to work. :)


To repay her (or at least try to start somewhere), I promised to organize her least favorite space in the house…her kitchen pantry.


It doesn’t look too scary, right?

Kitchen Pantry Organization



Kitchen Pantry Organization

Kitchen Pantry Organization

This kitchen pantry pretty much looked just like any other pantry that hasn’t had a blogger go all organizational cray cray on it.


And I knew that if I could hand this sweet lady a bunch of curtains and ask her to cut them all up and sew ‘em into horizontal stripes for me, there’s no reason why I couldn’t pull out everything from her pantry and turn it into a organized and functional space.


So, it began.


The kitchen was a total train wreck by the time we finished bringing everything out onto the counters! I know you can’t really tell by looking at it, but we did have things arranged in piles. Organized chaos, right?

Kitchen Pantry Organization


When it came to putting everything back, grouping like items was key. We started by using clear containers my MIL already owned and a few from Wally World. (See the really large one on top holding the Cheerios? That was full of animal crackers …my cute kids had already eaten everything inside, so we just saved the container for the cereal.)

Kitchen Pantry Organization


All snacks, quick breakfasts, and side dishes, like stuffing and mashed potato mixes, got their own storage boxes.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


Every container got a label made from scrapbook paper and printer labels my MIL had in her stash.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


Kitchen Pantry Organization


Canned goods and larger items were added to the shelves, but I made sure that everything was grouped with like items. A lazy susan holds condiments in the hard-to-reach middle of the shelves.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


Large food storage boxes and extras from Sam’s Club stay on the floor and out of the way. The cute striped bag holds MIL’s reusable grocery sacks.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


A hook keeps her cute aprons organized, too.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


Apart from being a seamstress, quilt maker, and artist, my mother-in-law is also a professional cake decorator. Seriously. It’s a shame she has no talents. ;)


“Sewing skills, quilting skills, painting skills…guys like girls with skills!”  - Napoleon Dynamite if he was talking about my MIL.

“Well, you could build her a cake or something.” – Pedro to Napoleon


K, enough movie quotes (or misquotes). On to my point. She has quite the cake decorating tools collection, and we wanted to make sure she could have everything she needed all in one spot. I suggested she use a door organizer system like the junk door I have in my kitchen.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


She put her sewing skills to use and added coordinating ribbon to a $5 Wal-mart shoe organizer. Black and white scrapbook paper with printed labels gives the tools an assigned spot while still looking pretty.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


My MIL also sewed an extra pocket to the bottom to hold her large rolling pin.

Kitchen Pantry Organization


Last, but not least, I added a few of her red plate chargers to the top of the pantry just because it’s pretty. :)


It’s small details like these that make a pantry go from chaos to organizational heaven in just one evening.


The total cost for this makeover was just $25.


By using storage bins and containers from around the house, the cost of this makeover stayed under control. A quick trip to Wal-mart for the shoe organizer and a few clear containers (for the sugar and flour, each about $3 a piece) was all we needed to complete the look.


My in-laws really love their new and improved pantry! It’s so easy to find things now, and figuring out what to cook is a whole lot faster. And I’m pretty sure I can still hold my long-standing title of Favorite Daughter-in-Law. ;)


So how about you? Have you overhauled your pantry lately? Used any of these organization ideas before? Do you have a junk door yet? Come on! Everyone’s doin’ it! :)


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  1. Steffanie says:

    wow…is all I have to say…awesome!! I dont really have a pantry or that totally would inspire me…great job. what do you use to label everything?

  2. Steffanie says:

    …nevermind i found it back in the

  3. I love this! I am moving soon and I want to do something like this in my kitchen cabinets at my new place. You did a great job!

  4. Heather says:

    I am loving the shoe thing on the door! Totally genius. Thanks again Master Organizer Beth!!!

  5. Beth Parks says:

    Great Job, Beth!! Yes, I have a junk DOOR and I love using the same idea for all the cake decorating things. I overhauled my pantry a couple of years ago and it is well worth the effort. I used those stackable plastic drawers to make better use of the area between the shelves and the floor. I keep small items such as pudding and jello boxes in the small drawers and potatoes and onions in the larger drawers.

  6. You do great work! Love it!

  7. LOVE the lazy susan idea for the hard to reach corners. I have a space that will totally be user friendly if I get a lazy susan. Thanks, for the great tip!!!

  8. That pantry is quite deceiving from the first look, I thought it was tiny! You have done a great job organising it, love the shoe hanger idea

  9. I think your MIL will ALWAYS love you best! Great job of reorganization and it looks very pretty too. Can’t beat that!

  10. That pantry is amazing! You did a fabulous job. I would love to have that in my house!

  11. So fantastic. I was totally laughing when I saw the photo of everything pulled out and everywhere. That is what I do and it’s at that point where I think, “Why am I doing this!?” But then you look at your results and it all makes sense. So gorgeous. Thanks for linking up.

  12. I think I would have thrown up my hands and walked away after pulling it all out. That was a lot of stuff in the pantry! Your after pictures look great. Love the idea of sewing ribbon on the shoe organizer. Don’t think I can hang one in my pantry, but trying to figure out where I might use one! Makes me want to organize my tiny pantry. Wish I had that much space.

  13. So this is what you were up to. WOW is all I can say. Oh my gosh Beth I’m so impressed!! You did a terrific job. I’m so glad you shared your incredible talents. Did you say you might want to stay with us next time you’re out. (big smile) My cupboards are calling you!! NJ

  14. Cheryl Cole says:

    Love your ideas! We just recently cleaned out our pantry. I could not belive how much stuff could fit in that little space. Since 75% of the items were expired, it look organized afterwards simply by cleaning it out.

  15. Ok, I’ve got to know…how much did you have to throw out (or donate?) I can’t imagine that everything you pulled out ended up going back in. If you had to guess, what percentage of the original contents made it back into the pantry? I’m just trying to prepare myself for reality as I attempt to do this to my own pantry. Mine looks a lot like your MILs before photo…scary!

  16. Hi! I just read your article about pantry organization. Question – when I put my canned good items on wired shelving units like your, they bend from the weight. How do you prevent that (it doesn’t look like you have that problem from your pictures)? I’ve tried putting the items closest to the wall where it’s strongest (as opposed to in the center) but to no avail. TIA!

  17. Gosh! This is great. I have a pantry that needs some serious help. Im not good at organizating but you have inspired me. I HAVE GOT to do something with mine. So im going to use your help with it. I have shelves on my door (I hate). So ill either i have to take em down or put my junk drawer on a junk door somewhere else. I love these ideas.


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