An Announcement! {Yes, I’m Still Here…}

Hey Friends! It’s me. For reals!


I know, I know. I’ve been on a bit of a break. I had to stop blogging for a little while because I’ve been working on a behind-the-scenes project that’s taken just about everything out of me. Seriously. And I’m halfway finished.


Wanna see my new “project?” :)




Yep, I’m preg! There’s a muffin in the oven. And it’s such a cute muffin!! (Can’t you tell from the fuzzy, blurry sonogram?) I’m 5 months along, 20 weeks today. Wow. 20. Only 20 more to go.


My doctor says things are going really well. S/he is growing right on target, and things look good. Which makes me happy to hear. I worry a little bit about that kind of stuff because I’ll be 36 when I deliver, which is considered a “geriatric pregnancy.” Nice. Makes you feel like you’ll be eating baby food with your baby because neither of you will have teeth.


My cute boys are excited to have a younger sibling. Pickle is begging for a sister (because I can control such things), and J sometimes stops playing trains and Sonic the Hedgehog long enough to give my belly a kiss. :)


We keep talking about names, and it’s fun to think up funny ones. During the election, we joked we’d name the baby Barack Mitt Romney. Now we’re considering Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach. I once mentioned to my older sister that I’m drawn to boy names with -son on the end (like Carson). So every name she suggests sounds like this: Samson, Danielson, Joshuason, Andrewson, Tyson-son. When it comes to girl names, well…I’m at a total loss! (I used to love Bella before the whole Twilight thing happened and everyone started naming their dog Bella. Yep, scratch that one off the list for sure.) I could totally use your suggestions!


As far as my absence from the blogging world, I blame it all on morning sickness. I know each pregnancy is different, each woman is different. How have things gone over here? OH MY GOSH. This little one has kicked my butt. Baby: 1, Beth: 0. No, wait. More like Baby: 18 1/2 weeks, Beth: 1 1/2 weeks. There has been lots of nausea and vomiting mixed with ridiculous headaches. Like headaches I’ve never had before. Sometimes they’ve sent me to my room where it’s dark and quiet and there’s no movement. And, as weird as it sounds, the morning sickness (which, to me is actually motion sickness) has given me aversions to things that scroll up and down – like Facebook, Instagram, reading, reading blogs, typing…all the things I enjoy doing on a regular basis. I had to put my phone away for awhile because that’s where I check my e-mail and Facebook. Even my ringtone made me sick for awhile!!


I’m not gonna lie…there were days that I couldn’t think about lifting my head off the couch (except maybe to put it in the toilet). So blogging was out for sure. I kept the kids fed and safe, and The Hubs kept up with the laundry and dishes, and that was about the extent of our existence for awhile.


I am SO glad to be out in the real world again. There are still a few rough days (days where my mascara turns straight to clown makeup from the puke fests), but I’m feeling so much better. They say the sicker the pregnancy, the healthier the baby. This baby will be really healthy – no doubt. :)


So thanks for being patient with me while I work on this new “project” for our home. I feel so blessed, and I’m grateful to be having another little angel. I’m still here, I still want to blog, and I’ll continue as my life allows.


We ARE finding out what we are having, and I’ll share the news with you next time…Monday? Tuesday? Place your bets now! What do you think we’re having? Girl? Boy? Come back to see!



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  1. YIPPY!!! I am so happy for you and your little family. Can’t wait to find out what that little muffin is. Best part of having a baby is no more morning sickness…ok, maybe not the best part, but it sure is near the top of the list. much love, wish you lived closer. xoxox

  2. How wonderful! Congratulations!

  3. Beth, I am sooo happy for you, and even more happy that the worst of the morning sickness is over!! With my last baby I was really sick too–Zofran was my friend for the first 6 months! Can’t wait to hear what you are having. Miss you! Emmy

  4. You’re five weeks ahead of me but I’ll still be younger when I deliver. ;P

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Maybe it’s an age thing because I have also felt MUCH more sick this time around. (Or maybe for me it’s a senile thing and I just don’t remember how sick I felt the first three times because they were so long ago? *shrug*)

  5. Congratulations!! I had a “geriatric” pregnancy too and horrible morning sickness for the first few months. Everything went great and I delivered a very healthy 10 lb. baby girl. I was ready to do it all over again 2 days later!! Good thing those happy birth hormones went away after a few weeks of sleepless nights. LOL

  6. Don’t worry about a geriatric pregnancy, i was 39 when i gave to my first and only child and he is perfectly healthy. Good luck!

  7. Congrats girl! And that’s my guess, too – girl all the way. I’m usually wrong about these things but I enjoy guessing anyway!

  8. Congrats Beth!! I’m so excited for you!


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