Pink or Blue?

Hey there. I hope your week is going well. I’ve been thinking so much about the sweet souls in Connecticut that are grieving. There is nothing that can take away their pain, but it’s been so wonderful to hear the numerous accounts of heroism, service, and kindness coming from this tragedy. I hope those affected feel the prayers and know they aren’t alone in their grief.


I keep looking at my sweet boys and saying prayers of thanks that they are alright. The Hubs and I have limited the television coverage for our boys’ sake. Pickle and I had a long talk about what happened to the children at Sandy Hook. We hugged and cried with each other, and we discussed his fears and concerns. I wrote a letter to his teacher thanking her for all of her hard work and love for her students. Although I was worried about Pickle on Friday because he wasn’t with me, it was very comforting to know my little guy was with someone who cares so much about him.


On a different note, thank you so much for the well wishes for our new bundle of joy! We are thrilled to be adding one more to our little family. It’s crazy to think I’ll have 3 kids. 3! People keep asking me if I’ll have anymore after this, and I don’t plan on it. I know what I can personally handle, and three is my max. Three is good.


We found out last week what we’re having…. :) Would you like to know, too?









WhooHoo!! Boy #3! I can’t believe it. I am a mom of boys! :) I think I need one of these shirts:

White burnout V-neck Boy Mom tee

One Hip Mom


When I found out this little muffin is a boy, I waited for that feeling of, “What? Not a girl?” but it never came. Instead I was really excited and surprisingly relieved. Since we have 2 boys already, I have everything this one needs, I know how to raise boys, and he has brothers. I’d be sad for a little girl who wouldn’t have a sister. There are no shot guns to be bought, and no prom, homecoming, or wedding dresses to save up for (you just have to rent a tux!).




It’s my hope to raise gentlemen. Kind, sweet boys who are good people. I would love them to be helpful, considerate, and thoughtful of others’ feelings. I picture them working in the yard with their dad or helping the grandparents in their old age with chores and honey-dos. I pray they grow up to be good husbands and daddies – to treat their wives like queens – and to (fingers crossed!) cook and clean as well. I want them to be God-fearing men who love and serve Jesus their whole lives.


great mother and son shot



When I think about our future, I see lots of sports, camping, trains, Legos, wrestling matches, living room forts, superheroes, dirt, bugs, and experiments. Yeah, there will be times that I’ll have no clue what they are talking about (are you sure the NFL doesn’t change its rules every week??), I will be the odd “man” out sometimes at the movies or some activities, and they’ll all go off on “boys only” trips. But guess what?

Awwww... by heidi.pittman1



I will still be their mom. We will have more in common than not. These 3 boys will be loved unconditionally…forever. I am so blessed. I sometimes can’t believe that God is willing to give me some of his best angels to teach and keep safe. I am a lucky lucky mom.


And I pray I don’t screw them up. :)

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  1. Yay! Soooo happy for you, Beth. I’m one of three girls and these boys are going to have a BALL growing up together! Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for sharing your happy news.

    Hope you are feeling well, and hope you have a very merry holiday!

  2. Congratulations on the newest boy!! I am so excited for you! And he and O can grow up to be great friends!!

  3. awww… yay! so excited for you, Beth :) congrats!

  4. Beth Parks says:

    Congratulations Beth! One of the best things we made our son do when he was a teenager was go on a date at least once a month. It taught him some good social skills and got him away from football and x-box every once in a while. Raising good boys is a big responsibility!

  5. Just found your blog today & love it!! I would love to have a blog to journal our family happenings etc but not computer savvy, at all…but maybe one day!!

    I wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you on your new addition on the way! I have 3older brothers(actually only 2here on earth as 1 suddenly passed away 3yrs ago)& my mother had 3′younger’ brothers…so I just assumed that I would have 4children with 3boys&a girl too…however, the Lord had different plans!! I noticed that you said you know what you can personally handle & that 3 is good, your max. Well, while I can sure understand why you would say that…I would like to quickly share a little with you of my story. I NEVER thought that I would’ve had 5 children in 4years(the last being twins) & wouldn’t even get started with my family until I was almost 35!…but HE knew me better than I knew myself& what I could&couldn’t do & knew I could handle it. He gave me,& still gives me, everything I need to parent these 5wonderful children that He has so generously entrusted in/to me, I just thought I would give you a different perspective on things…my hands are FULL of blessings, as I know your’s are too…whether you have 3precious little boys or do decide to have more at some point. What a beautiful miracle each child is…I pray you have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy.

    I look forward to reading(&gleaning from!)your blog. You sound like such a sweet loving mom raising your little guys to become fine men of God…the lives they touch as they grow up will be blessed&it all started with their Godly mother!

    Thank you again for the words I’ve read so far on your blog!…also looking forward to getting all those frugal tips!!

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