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Today’s blogger is the awesome Jess of East Coast Creative. She and her BFF, Monica, are some seriously sweet girls, and I got to meet them this past summer at Haven. Their blog is FULL of really cool, inexpensive ideas for the home. Not only did they win Crafting with the Stars, guess who else loves them? Nate Berkus. If you haven’t already, you must check out East Coast Creative. Like yesterday. I’m thrilled that Jess is willing to share her love story with us!


Hey there! I’m Jess- half of the blogging duo at East Coast Creative and I’m so excited to be a part of this cute series Beth is hosting! It’s always fun to get a peek into people’s personal lives and this is such a great way to do it! I could go on and on about the love of my life, but I’ll spare you of that and just give you the interesting details. :)


1. How long have you been together? How did you two meet?

I met my husband, Kevin through his best friend at a college dance. He had the strangest-looking hair I’d ever seen…long, individual spikes of hair all over his head. A wannabe punk, I guess. :) We then met again when we traveled abroad to study in Athens, Greece for three months. We spent lots of time together as friends, and got to see amazing places and experience an awesome culture. When we got home, we wasted no time in making it “official”. We dated for a year, were engaged for a year and have been married for nine years this upcoming July!

Jess EC2
We got to go back to Greece two years after we were married! It was just a smidge better travelling as a couple. ;)


2. How did he (or you!) propose?

On our one year anniversary, I was reallyhoping for a ring. Instead, a got a stuffed animal. It was a major disappointment, to say the least. ;) A week later, Kevin told me he had a date planned for us in his hometown of Westchester, PA, which was about an hour away from my home. I, of course, was running late and almost completely messed up his plans. He kept calling me asking me where I was and I was getting so annoyed that he kept bugging me! Poor guy. Anyway, he ended up taking me to a place where you paint your own pottery. I took my good, old time painting a plate (because it had to perfect, of course!) and after about 2 hours, we were all finished. Kevin told me that this store could have our plate ready for us in an hour- which should have clued me in, since normal places need at least a week to fire it in the kiln and all that stuff- but I wasn’t suspecting anything. We walked and chatted in Westchester and found ourselves back at the shop. The lady brought out our plate and Kevin anxiously suggested we take a look at it. When he lifted it out of the bag, there, on a plate he had made previously, was the message “Will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and brought out the ring and I said yes right away. I love love love the memory of that day.


3. What was your wedding like? Any funny, special, or crazy stories about your big day?

Our wedding was a big event in the middle of July. Fortunately for us, the weather wasn’t too miserably hot and I wasn’t sweating like a pig. It was everything you’d expect from me, if you know me- simple, filled with neutral colors and a bit of metallic (gold) and white calla lilies. We had a live band, lots of dancing and tons of good food. Funny story: I LOVE food, especially appetizers, so I took great pains to choose every single appetizer (there were 20 in all!), but because of all the pictures we took during the cocktail hour, I didn’t get one.single.delicious.bite. Boo :( Also, my going away dress was white and completely see-through which I didn’t realize until I saw the pictures after the wedding. Oops!

Jess EC2


4. What do you love to do together?

We love spending time on the water- of any kind! We have a tandem kayak that we have fun taking the kids out on on our local lakes, and we love being on sailboats or speed boats. We’re also big fans of going out to eat and trying new restaurants and travelling to places we’ve never been before. We do NOT however like to do projects together- let’s just say one of us (who shall remain nameless) always ends up stomping off in anger. :)

Jess EC2


5. What’s your favorite thing about him? What’s his favorite thing about you?

I think the answer to this one is funny, because I’m pretty sure we would both say that our biggest pet peeves about each other are also the things we love most about each other. I love that Kevin is so faithful, consistent and content. He totally keeps me grounded and focused on the things that really matter. I know that, no matter what, he’s going to be there for me. Also, he’s stinkin’ hilarious. It takes a while for him to loosen up around new people, but when he does, watch out! I asked him what he would say and this is it: “Her optimism and passion for Christ, life and food. It’s what gives her her drive and makes her successful in whatever she does.” So sweet- but what he doesn’t mention is that my eternal optimism drives him crazy sometimes! Hehe.

Jess EC2
Thanks so much for having me, Beth! This little walk down memory lane sure was fun. I hope the rest of you will come visit us at our piece of blogland where we keep it real about our lives, DIY projects and lots more!


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Thanks so much, you guys! Aren’t Jess and Kevin such a fun couple? AND!! Next week, Monica, from EC2 will be sharing her story! Stay tuned!


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