How to Build a Wooden Mail Organizer

Wooden Mail Organizer

K, so The Hubs and I are notorious for getting the mail, looking through it, putting it on the kitchen island, and then letting it sit. Everyday. Until the end of forever. It’s super annoying to me (and probably him, too…I’d ask him if our kids would let us talk to each other every now and then). ;) I get overwhelmed by clutter, and mail is a serious culprit.


I’ve finally had enough. After browsing through Pinterest, organization catalogs, and a few magazines, I’ve come up with a pretty solution that I think will do the trick.


The Wooden Mail Organizer


Here’s what you need to make one, too:

Wooden Mail Organizer

*3 wooden brackets (I found mine at Home Depot for about $2.50 each)

* a piece of scrap board (mine is about 13 inches square)

*spray paint in the color of your choice

*wood glue

*finishing nails



A little back story on the scrap board…While I was roaming Home Depot for the wooden brackets, I knew I needed a board for a foundation. I went to the lumber section, and they have an area for already cut pieces of wood. These pieces are sold for 70% off the original price because they are not their original size. I found a long board that was about the height I wanted and asked if I could have it cut down (it was too wide). Because my piece was a cut of a cut, he couldn’t charge me anything. FREE baby! :)


Step one: Figure out where you want your brackets to go. On the back of your scrap wood, draw the outline of your bracket. (You will need this later!)

 Wooden Mail Organizer


Step two: Use the wood glue to glue the brackets to the board.

Wooden Mail Organizer
Wooden Mail Organizer


Step three: Spray paint the entire piece. You will need to spray multiple coats, especially if your paint doesn’t already have a primer in it. Allow the glue and paint to dry completely.

Wooden Mail Organizer


Step four: Turn the piece upside down and reinforce the foundation using finishing nails. This is where your bracket outlines will come in handy. Make sure you hammer within the lines so the nail goes straight up into the bracket.

Wooden Mail Organizer


Step five: Add your mail. (But don’t forget to sort through it occasionally….) ;)

Wooden Mail Organizer

 If you’d like to personalize the organizer, you can paint a monogram in each mail slot. Or, using a vinyl letter machine, each person’s name could be added to the front with vinyl.


This project is very quick (apart from the paint drying time). And the price is awesome, too!

I spent $8 total:

brackets: 3 @ 2.50 a piece + tax

scrap piece: free

paint: already owned

wood glue: already owned

finishing nails: already owned


I’m super excited to get part of my kitchen island back! No more piles, no more, “Honey, where’s the …bill?” or, “Is this today’s mail?”

Wooden Mail Organizer


Now on to tackling more clutter in the house…starting with the closet under the stairs. (I’m pretty sure I’m going to find Harry Potter living in there it’s so crazy!) Wish me luck!

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  1. Great idea, Beth. I definitely need something like this! (Our current system is no bueno.) We need to get together soon–miss you, girl!

  2. Ok, so you’re a freakin’ genius! You know this, right?? Another great idea! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Hey Beth,

    Love this!!! Stopped by after seeing your comment on my blog, and I just had to comment on how great this project is! I totally need one of these, and might just have to make one for myself! :)


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