A Super Bowl Party – To Go!

A Super Bowl Party To Go!

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Hey y’all! I hope you had a great weekend! We had a really fun time hanging out with my sister and her family. We’re big football fans around here, and we had a little playoff watching party to get us excited for the Super Bowl! Go Broncos!! :)


My sis and I had a nice little arrangement worked out – she hosted the party (aka she had to clean her house, not me!) ;) , and I was in charge of the food. No problemo! I ran to Target and got a few supplies to make things easy and fun – Rubbermaid Take Alongs and Sharpies!

A Super Bowl Party - To Go!


So my idea was to make the food ahead of time, prepackage and preportion it out for each person, and then give them a stack of Rubbermaids. This way, you don’t have to get up to refill your plate, there are less dishes, and the food gets there in one piece. Score! (See that little football joke I did right there?) ;)


I thought it would be cute to make a little menu for each person so they would know what was inside their containers. Using the Sharpies, I drew a football play book menu. X= Chips and Queso, O= Wings and Carrots and Dip.

A Super Bowl Party - To Go!

Cute, right?


So the chips and queso went in their own containers. (By the way, queso is one of my ALL TIME favorite things on this planet. Forever. And super easy to make…recipe coming up this week!!)

A Super Bowl Party - To Go!


And the carrots and wings got their own special divided containers with ranch dressing on the side.
A Super Bowl Party - To Go!


Each stack of Rubbermaid containers got a cute orange or white ribbon tied around them to keep things together. Then the menus were stuck underneath the bow on top. Super cute, super easy to transport! Oh, and really yummy!!

A Super Bowl Party - To Go!


It was really easy to dig into you favorite thing! I like this idea, too, because it cuts down on the double dipping. ;)

A Super Bowl Party - To Go!

A Super Bowl Party - To Go!


TOUCHDOWN!! Thanks for the fun party, y’all!! 
A Super Bowl Party - To Go!


K, so if you want to grab some Rubbermaid containers and Sharpie markers at Target, you can get a coupon on your phone. Just text COUPONS to Target to get the latest coupons from Target. There’s a Rubbermaid and Sharpie deal that runs from January 25 – February 8. The coupons are $1 off any Rubbermaid food storage and $1 off Sharpie four pack or larger.


So, who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl?


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  1. Love the ones with the little container for dips! I need to get those for my girls to take to school with their snacks!

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