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Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s Kendra here from My Insanity and I am excited to share a little bit of our love story with you. It is especially fun because I actually met Beth the week Barry and I got engaged. She was Barry’s roommate’s date to the formal dance we went to and they doubled with us, so she got to witness some of the romance first-hand! I’ll be answering Beth’s questions and sharing lots of mushy photos of the two of us. :-)


I should mention that my husband’s name is Barry, but on the blog and in social media I will usually refer to him as BSB, which stands for Boy Scout Barry (always prepared) and not Back Street Boys (to the disappointment of some of my readers).


1. How long have you been together? How did you two meet?

We have been married for 14 1/2 years, and dated on and off for a couple of years before that.We actually met in high school, but were not high school sweethearts. Apparently he had a pretty serious crush on me back then, but he was shyer than shy. I was ahead in school and sadly, did not pay him much attention at that time.


We started dating when we both came back to our home town several years later. I think the first time I saw him then was at a college soccer game. I could barely see half of his face as he was bundled up for the cold, but there was an immediate zing that night as we exchanged a few pleasantries, that sent me to my yearbook to try and figure out as much as I could about this guy (now man) I had never taken notice of before.


2. How did he (or you!) propose?
I actually kind of got two proposals from him. This is mainly because the first one kind of took him/us by surprise and he wasn’t prepared with a ring. We had been dating quite awhile and I came up to visit him in Idaho where he was attending school. He had told me he loved me months before and things had been going really well (although navigating a long-distance relationship had proved challenging, at first), but he was still really really afraid of making the decision to get married. That day we had decided to attend the LDS temple in Idaho Falls together and pray about whether it was a good thing for us to move forward with our relationship or not. We both had some neat experiences while there, so it was actually in the temple when he asked me to marry him. My response: “Are you sure?” He was sure enough to call and talk to my parents that night and make it official. But I went back to Arizona without a ring and with a long-distance fiancé, so it was hard to feel like it was really happening.


About a month later he orchestrated a pretty wonderful surprise. He had a very short break between the winter and summer semesters of school, but and as a Resident Assistant he had a lot of responsibilities at the dorms, so he had told me that he wouldn’t be able to get away to come and see me. I was really bummed, but totally believed him. I had my sisters sleep over at my place that weekend to cheer me up (little did I know they were in on the plot). They were awake to let him in early that Saturday morning so he could fix me breakfast and wake me up with a beautiful diamond ring and ask me again to marry him! I will admit I was a little freaked out to see a strange man coming through my bedroom door through my blurry morning eyes, but once they focused on him, I was purely happy!

Barry and Kendra 1999


3. What was your wedding like? Any funny, special, or crazy stories about your big day?
We were married in the Mesa LDS Temple on a Thursday evening (to beat the heat and the crowds) and had a fun reception/party in our hometown (Prescott, AZ) the following night.


Our wedding was a DIY affair. Making him help me press real flowers for every one of our invitations should have cued him in that life with me would be a creative adventure. Our style was simple, fresh and colorful. I wanted everything to feel real/authentic and fun. We decorated with lots of candles, paper lanterns and fresh flowers.


A favorite moment of the reception was when we surprised all of our guests when we came out to do our first dance and rather than a waltz or typical slow dance, it was a choreographed Argentine Tango! Unfortunately, everyone was so surprised that no one got it on video and we don’t remember enough to re-create it. This is our only existing evidence.
wedding tango
Can’t you see my tango face?


4. What do you love to do together?
Eat. Talk. Dance–but it has been years since we’ve really had the chance. We enjoy making music together. Barry plays the guitar and we enjoy singing duets and as a family. We also like dressing up together for Halloween. Ok. Maybe he doesn’t love this, but he is a really good sport about it most years. But mostly eat.
lamb family


5. What’s your favorite thing about him? What’s his favorite thing about you?
The thing that really drew me to Barry was his earnestness and sincerity. Don’t get me wrong. He was totally good-looking, but so not in a rico-suave kind of way (he didn’t have the fashion sense for that. :-) ). It doesn’t hurt that he can cook and has all kind of random talents.


He says his favorite thing about me is my smile. Maybe that sounds cheesy, but that is the thing he remembers most from the first time he ever saw me so many years ago. He also tried to say he likes my craziness, but I think that depends on the day. ;-)


I don’t have too many fun pictures from our courtship on my current computer, but I did find this slideshow I made of our relationship for our 8th anniversary I thought I would share for those that love romance. Be warned that it does have music and some kissy face pictures (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!). Thanks, Beth for having me, and helping me re-live our courtship in time to celebrate it again this Valentine’s Day!


It’s true, I was able to meet Kendra (the sweetest ever!) the week she got engaged to my friend, Barry. He was head over heals smitten with her! :) Great choice, Barry! Thanks SO much for sharing your story, Kendra! It’s been so fun to see how your love story has grown over the years!


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  2. OMG……when I saw that picture from their wedding my jaw dropped…..Barry from Ricks, our FHE brother!!! That was awesome to see!!


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